Terms Of Business

Updated 24th September 2020

At Musical Allsorts we aim to provide all of our students with the highest quality music tuition, delivered in a fun, inspiring and enjoyable way. The terms of business have been developed to help the continued smooth running of our schools and to allow us to protect everyone that attends our lessons, our staff and the company.

Musical Allsorts is a limited company, registered to No1 Priestner Buildings, Helsby, United Kingdom. WA6 OAD. Its company registration number is 12903362

It is expected that all students will arrive promptly for their lessons with all necessary tuition books and material required for each lesson.

It is expected that all books and sheet music recommended to the students by the tutor should be bought within an agreed time scale. 

Food and drinks are not permitted in the teaching studios other than for Vocal sessions where we advise all student to bring a sealed bottle of water.

Smoking is not allowed anywhere on the premises.

All Parents/Carers must agree to our Covid19 consent form which will be made available to them via an online link and on the day of their 1st lesson.

All mobile phones must be on silent and placed away during lessons.

Musical Allsorts staff are not responsible for the safety of any student before or after their allocated class time or during any period of time where the student is absent from the class (e.g toilet visits). 

It is expected that the parents or carers of all junior students will escort them to the sign in desk and wait outside the building till the lesson is completed, unless it is essential for the child’s wellbeing and has been agreed in advance with a member of the Musical Allsorts management team.

To avoid distraction to students any parent/carer that is waiting will be asked to remain quiet during the lesson.

In order to promote independence, avoid unnecessary disturbance to classes and allow teaching staff to create a highly effective and quality educational experience, parents and carers of junior students are requested to encourage their child to attend unattended.


Your child’s teacher will provide plenty of opportunity for you to observe progress at our regular performance events, assessments and “open class” demonstrations.


All students will be given homebased development tasks by their tutor during each class. It is expected that students will endeavour to complete all practice and work set in each lesson prior to their next lesson to avoid disruption to lesson plans.

When the lesson has finished, tutor will bring the child to the sign in desk when the lesson is completed. If the parents or carers are running late for collection the child may stay in the sign in area.

Parents and Carers are expected to provide a suitable instrument and /or additional equipment appropriate for their child’s level at home. Please ask a member of staff should you require any advice or assistance in this area.

Communication – As an environmentally conscious organisation, we endeavour to promote a green and paperless environment wherever possible in our business. For this reason, it is required that all customers supply a valid email and/ or mobile telephone number wherever possible in order to minimise necessary paper-based communications

Fees – With exception of the first monthly’s lesson fees which can be paid for in Cash, Credit or Debit cards, all lesson fees must be paid on the 1st of every month in advance via bank transfer.

All late payments will incur a surcharge of £5.00 which reflects the additional internal administration costs involved. We reserve the right to exclude any student from the school whose fees are persistently late.

In return for your monthly fee Musical Allsorts will provide one lesson per week for 50 weeks of the year only closing for 2 weeks during the Christmas period.

The school will be closed on all statutory holidays. Lessons that clash with Bank Holidays will be rearranged to the nearest available weekday. These arrangements will be communicated locally in advance of each holiday.

  • The monthly fee for 1 x 30-minute lesson per week is £50.00.

       The monthly fee is based on the following calculations: 50 lessons (per year)            @ £12.00 divided by 12 (monthly) payments.

  • The monthly fee for 1 x 45-minute lesson per week is £60.00

       The monthly fee is based on the following calculations: 50 lessons (per year)            @ £12.00 divided by 12 (monthly) payments. 

Student Absence – Any student that cannot attend their lesson must notify Musical Allsorts via email or via our Facebook messenger. All students will be given digital homework which will be emailed to them. An online lesson may also be offered. The lesson fee will not be refunded.

The monthly fee is based on the following calculations: 50 lessons (per year) @ £12.00 divided by 12 (monthly) payments. - As an organisation using The Disclosure and Barring Service to assess applicants' suitability for positions of trust, Musical Allsorts complies fully with the CRB Code of Practice. Therefor all tutors have advanced level DBS certificate. 

If the regular tutor is unavailable due to a planned absence Musical Allsorts will provide a deputy tutor and these arrangements will normally be made in advance of the absence. Where tutors are unavailable due to an unplanned absence such as a medical condition or conditions beyond our control, we reserve the right to provide a substitute tutor without notice or in extreme circumstances to reschedule the class.

Marketing - Like most businesses Musical Allsorts may run a variety of introductory marketing promotions and special offers to attract or to encourage existing students to try something new. Where promotions are offered, they normally come with specific conditions which vary our standard terms of business. They may be time bound, available to specific target groups (e.g. new customers only) or limited to the range of services normally available to customers. All conditions will be explained at the time of acceptance.

Leaving Musical Allsorts – Should you decide to leave the school, we require 14 days advanced notice via email titled: End Of Lesson Notification

to widnes@musical-allsorts.com. We will then send you a link to our End of Lesson form to complete. The 30-day notice period will commence for date of receipt.

If there any aspects of these terms that you require further information on, please do not hesitate to ask a member of the management team who will be pleased to explain why the rules necessary and the background to them. 

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