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Covid-19 Parental Agreement

Updated 24th September 2020

  • Musical Allsorts have a strict and robust risk assessment in place and I have read and understood this. Therefore, I agree that if my child becomes infected with Coronavirus, they have taken all reasonable steps and cannot be held responsible.


  • I will only bring my child to Musical Allsorts if they and all members of our household are healthy and free from symptoms.


  • I consent to my child’s temperature being taken using a non-contact thermometer. If their temperature is 38 degrees or over, I understand that they will not be allowed to enter the building.


  • As a parent or carer, I will follow social distancing procedures and not enter the building unless I have previously agreed with a member of the team that it is essential to stay with the child. 


  • I agree that if it is essential to enter the building that I will wear a mask at all times.


  • Whilst staff will take extra precautions to minimise the risk of infection to my child, I understand that the risk cannot be eliminated.


  • Staff will minimise close contact wherever possible but will interact responsibly, meaning close contact may be required. I understand that staff will wear gloves and a mask to attend to my child if they become distressed, injured or ill.


  • I will inform Musical Allsorts immediately if any members of our household develop Coronavirus symptoms.


  • I will keep additional items brought to Musical Allsorts to a minimum and agreed that no food or drink should be brought into the building.


  • I understand that if my child becomes ill during a lesson that staff will stop the lesson and isolate with the child until they can be collected.


  • I will bring my child’s instrument and any sheet music to every lesson. If my child does not have their own instrument or if it’s not reasonable for them to bring it to the lesson, I consent to them using one of Musical Allsorts shared instruments.


  • I agree to adhere to the governments guidelines regarding social distancing for travelling to Musical Allsorts.


  • I understand that Musical Allsorts participate in the NHS Track and Trace Scheme in line with government regulations. 

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